About TerryRM Designs

Welcome to my store.


TerryRM Designs was born when jewelry-making overtook my career as a visual fine artist .  I had been painting and selling fine art for many years. A few years back I started to look into jewelry, and in a matter of months my focus  shifted completely to designing and making jewelry.  I was obsessed! My years as a traditional visual artist allow me to use my eye for detail, composition, and colour and serve me well now as a jewelry maker and designer.


While I will feature unusual designs in my store occasionally, my desire is to provide well-made jewelry at reasonable prices for everyone to enjoy. I take great satisfaction in matching every aspect of a piece  - the metals, the chain, the findings, the stones, and the colours -  to provide you with a piece of jewelry that you will feel proud to wear. A piece that will talk to you as it talked to me when I was creating it.


Every once in a while I will present a piece for your enjoyment that is a little outside the boundaries, a little more daring, more personal, more poetic -- Something Special. 

I hope you enjoy your time at my store, and find a piece that speaks to you, and that you can take home to continue the conversation.

Happy shopping!

Terry Rempel-Mroz